• What is The Moon Unit?


A globally networked, handpicked crew of specialist Writers, Visual Researcher/Designers, Storyboard artists and Moodfilm editors in 9 time zones in an always-available, around the world/ clock set up.


• What services do you provide?


Our core service is TVC treatments and more broadly, competitive pitches across the creative industries. This includes Writing, Visual Research & Design, Storyboards and Moodfilms. Our work covers TVC treatments, digital and interactive campaigns, feature film and documentary pitches, games industry pitches, TV series projects and original ideation/ concepts for our global clients.


• Who do you work with?


We work with TVC directors, feature film directors, production companies, ad agencies, photographers, PR agencies, VFX and VR companies, digital/new media agencies and others.


• Where are you based?


We have crew in 9 time zones. The major centres are LA, NY, London, Berlin, Sydney and Wellington. HQ switches twice daily between London and Wellington NZ time zones.


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• How much does it cost?


Rates are here


• What’s your experience?


We deliver several hundred treatments a year to some of the world’s leading directors and production house in almost 40 countries. Each crew member will have several years experience working in this niche market. For some of us, up to 20 years in this field.


• Do I need to pay you upfront?




• Do we charge extra at weekends?




• Do we pay you if the job gets cancelled?




• Do we charge hourly overtime?


No, unless agreed. We deliver the job to the best of our ability in the time quoted prior to the job. If it looks like it will go into extra time we’ll do our best to inform you in advance.


• How do we work together?


We make this as simple as possible – details herE


• Is this service 100% confidential?


Yes, absolutely. Our relationships with some of the world’s best directors/ production companies/ agencies are forged on complete confidentiality. We never say who we work with, nor take any credit for it.




 - Plant 1 tree for every job we do

 - Maintain a 50%/50% M/F crew policy












• Any other questions not covered in this list?


Please contact us at hello@themoonunit.net